A forest therapy experience for all forest walkers

The Finnish Forest Therapy Centre introduces the Finnish forest and provides a forest therapy experience for all forest visitors. We organise restorative and relaxing activities in a natural environment for various groups, companies, and communities. Stopping, human encounters, and proximity to nature are the basis of the well-being moments at the Forest Therapy Centre. The activities focus on nature and well-being themes and promote the recovery of body and mind, giving new perspectives on personal well-being. 


Get away from it all – An island destination in Saimaa

In the ecological forest village of Haapasaari, the natural environment and Saimaa are the main focus during your stay. Take a moment out of your everyday life and spend a nice day, evening, or weekend with friends or work colleagues, relaxing, breathing in the healing power of the pine forest, and admiring the sunsets. In Haapasaari, you can organise different events, parties, occupational well-being days, or just come with your own group to relax and spend pleasant moments. We also organise various nature and wellness services, if needed. How about a soothing bath on a sunny cliff, a forest retreat in a pine forest, or a gentle soak in a cleansing sauna at the end of the day? We are located on an island in Lake Saimaa, about 5 minutes by boat from the port of Imatra, about 35 km from Lappeenranta.


Saimaa, Finnish Sauna and Dock cottage

This summer’s best stress reliever is Saimaa, the Finnish sauna and the dock. Finnish folklore is based on nature’s healing and restorative power, which essentially involves stopping, silence, and listening. For many people, nature, sauna, and dock are still places of calm and silence, helping us to slow down, recover and relax as a counterbalance to our busy everyday lives. The Finnish sauna tradition was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List in December 2020. 

Sauna and tasting trip to Haapasaari

The Finnish sauna and Saimaa offer relaxation and recovery for the body and mind. Join us for a gentle sauna on the shore of Haapasaari and a refreshing dip in the refreshing Saimaa. The sauna’s purifying steam, pine trees in the bath water, a soothing foot bath, and herbal honey salt scrub offer a unique moment of recovery and regeneration. During the event, you will also learn about the health benefits of sauna and Finnish sauna culture. Finally, we will enjoy a refreshing sauna drink to support the well-being effects of the sauna and Saimaa. After the sauna, you can enjoy a tasty and easy snack in the bosom of nature, by the campfire, in the cozy home of Haapasaari. Self-roasted, savory, or sweet stuffed campfire sticks crown a simple batch of food. For dessert, authentic hot pot coffee is brewed over an open fire.